South Molton Methodist Church

News from the Bookstall


New Stock! Here are just a few of the Titles on the Bookstall:

Unstoppable – by Nick Vujicic – an international best-selling author who wrote the book ‘Life without Limits’ motivational speaker and evangelist, born with no arms or legs. Nick tells how he has overcome trials and hardships by focusing on the promises that he was created for a purpose.

Under the Rainbow – by Catherine Campbell –Jeff Lucas says ‘If you buy just one book this year, choose this one’. It’s a story of a mother’s journey with God, reveals her devastation and anger when not just one, but two of her three children are born with multiple disabilities. The book will make you laugh and cry but will reveal to you a God who keeps His promises.

Why does God Allow Natural Disasters – by David Pawson – The author, who has a worldwide teaching ministry tackles this question from a thoroughly biblical standpoint dealing with questions such as: Is God to blame, What is God really like, will natural disasters ever cease and do we deserve them?

Making Disciples – by Tony Pullin – This book is packed with practical suggestions, real-life examples to help us to discover how discipleship could look in our lives, our church and community and how to implement such relationships.

 Understanding and Loving a Person with Depression - by Stephen Arterburn & Brenda Hunter – If someone you love is depressed, you might feel helpless. If you are depressed, you might feel hopeless. The authors know from personal experience that light can overcome the darkness of depression. Learn how to care for yourself and the ones you love in this hope-filled book.  

Fiction books include: - ‘The Treasure Box’ by Penelope Stokes and ‘A Killer among us’ by Lynette Eason.

CDs include: -   ‘The Best Praise & Worship Album in the World  .... Ever! ‘Ultimate Classical Worship Collection’ & ‘Praise is Rising’.