At the Methodist Church, we have a bookstall with a range of books and media. The bookstall is a Christian Bookstall which has books, CDs, Cards, Bible Readings and Seasonal Products.

We can also take orders for any items we haven’t currently got on stock and will aim to acquire these for you.      

Below are just a few of the Titles on the Bookstall at the Church.   

Is God Real? – by Lee Strobel  – Great question that many wonder about. Lee answers this by exploring science, answering the age old question if God exists – why so much suffering. Through fascinating interviews he also probes questions such as Why does God seem hidden and what difference He can make to our lives.

Baroness Cox A Voice for the voiceless – by Andrew Boyd – This is a biography of an inspiring woman who was a deputy Speaker of the House of Commons who deliberately chose causes overlooked by the world to fight for and often putting her own life at risk.

Alive: How the resurrection of Christ changes everything – by Gabriel Fluhrer – Humanly impossible and therefore dismissed as fantasy. However, the author demonstrates that Jesus’ defeat of the grave is no mere myth – it is a historic reality supported by overwhelming evidence.

A Love that can’t be contained – by Cally Magalhaes – If you like a book that you ‘just can’t put down’ then this is for you. A remarkable story of faith in action and practical ways to share our faith and serve God.

Only One Life – by Paul Harvey – True stories from around the world that attest to the mighty acts of God, His protection in times of war, on journeys and in everyday life. These stories encourage us as well as challenge us.

Children’s Books include: ‘Where’s God Gone?’ ‘Mark’s Marvellous Book

Fiction books:
Lifemark by Chris Fabry –
This book is inspired by a true story of adoption by Susan and Jimmy Colton. Meliss clung to the hope that someday her newborn son might want to connect with her. When his 18th birthday arrives, she calls the adoption agency to simply update her contact information not expecting a response. However, as David nears adulthood he is curious about his birth story and needs to know the full story of his life. We also have this available on a DVD!

CDs include:
‘Heart of Worship’ – Tremble. ‘The Best Modern Hymns album ever! – 3 CDs containing 950 great hymns. ‘Passion Roar’ – recorded live at Mercedes-Benz Stadium Atlanta in 2020 ‘The World’s Favourite Gospel Songs’